Engage Management

Project Success Stories

Implementing Knowledge Management

by Scott Ratchinsky

Our Perspective

Based on our experience in sustained remote oil and gas drilling operations, Engage Management views most of the challenges with existing projects as project organization issues and their relationship to information flow, capture, analysis, and use.  We term this knowledge management (KM).  As most projects do not focus on establishing a robust KM structure, we believe opportunity value does exist.

Specifically, we define the KM goal as:

Getting the right information, in the right format, to the right people, at just the right time.

Leveraging best practices into high-quality and highly-efficient engineering, drilling, and completions performance is a goal.  We believe constraints can creep into the broad and effective management of project information and impact performance by inhibiting valuable project-based cooperation, collaboration, and coordination between:

Our Approach

Engage Management can help with the development of a broad and integrating KM system.  For success, KM developmental elements would include:

Outcomes and Benefits

Employing the integrated KM elements proposed, we at Engage Management are confident real value can be brought to any project without operational disruption.  Careful and deliberate KM system development addressing knowledge/information capture, archiving, and employment promises both improved organizational and enhanced project-based performance.  Critically, we envision that project KM must be both relevant now, as well as prepared, sustainable, and guiding for future field development.

We have found that continuous improvement through focused, driven, and integrated KM drives-down costs well-ahead of the cost of KM itself and thereby creating sustainable value.