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Project Front-End Scoping

by Scott Ratchinsky

When creating a new project organization, or wishing to increase the effectiveness of a current operation it may be necessary to look at right scoping the team. This will entail having the right people, in the right place at the right time. Our consultants can help assess your project needs and set in motion a quick review of your teams overall effectiveness. Helping to perforate silos and create proper functional gates will put your team ahead of the curve.

Key Deliveries For Right Scoping

To be in place for Stage Reviews by Gatekeeper

Overview Appraise Select
Select the individual well project Look at the options available Select the right well

Evaluate high level projects:

Access acreage

Exploration program

Appraisal program

Development program

Infill drilling program

EOR program

Extract smaller level well delivery focused project

Project plan - Level 1

Knowledge management plan

Resource plan

Risk management plan

Statement of requirements

SMS in place

EMS in place

Performance management plan

Project specific risk assessment

Logistics and procurement Strategy

Define Execute Review
Design and Engineer it right Plan to Execute it right Deliver it right Review it

Detailed Well Design

Basis of design for key constituents of well

Rig and key service contractors in place

Procurement SOR/QA

Planning schedule - level 2

Risked cost estimate +10 to 20% and project economics review

well specific risk assessment

Drilling uncertainty statement

OM plan for project execution

Key decision points identified

Execution plan (level 3)

Detailed mud, cement, etc programs

Performance Drilling workshop

Risked cost estimate + 5 to 10%

Operational specific risk assessment

Drilling operations proceedures

Logistics support plan

Partner and government approvals

Daily reports

Lessons learned captured

Deliver well objectives

Weekly cost estimates

Weekly performance assessment

Completion Report

Lessons learned implemented

Risk management tool updated

Well cost summary

Well performance review

Major incident follow-up

Post project review