Engage Management

Project Success Stories

The H&P Project

by Scott Ratchinsky

Engage Management began work with H&P IDC in September 2007. Our task was to aid H&P's transition into ConocoPhillips SJBU operations and to strengthen their learning and safety cultures. In 2007 the H&P Aztec operation's TRIR stood at 3.31. As of November 1, 2009 their TRIR had dropped to 1.32, a 60% reduction since the project inception.


H&P is a learning organization possessing a dynamic safety culture, populated with well-trained employees operating state of the art equipment. Their robust HSE /Safety Management Systems are constantly under review and improvement. They demonstrate a tremendous commitment to their employees and make considerable investments in training - both task specific as well as leadership and teambuilding.


Building Stronger Teams

Team principles we explored and championed through crew and one-on-one coaching included leadership, ownership, learning, trust, communication, commitment, accountability, and attention to results by setting SMART (Specific; Measurable; Achievable; Realistic and Time driven) goals. Building stronger teams has been achieved by applying team principles to enhance participation in, and the outcome of, several cornerstone HSE tools used by H&P and COPC:

Building Broader Teams

Because of interdependence with third party contractors, H&P recognizes that their success in attaining higher HSE and performance standards is partially dependent on the success of the contractors they work with. Thus several initiatives were developed to foster stronger teams through collaboration. These include:

A principal measure of the success of this project is the sustainability of advances after the project concludes. Our solutions for sustainability are incorporated in the principles we set forth for the project as outlined below.


Much of the success of this project belongs to the support the H&P senior leadership team and rig personnel have extended to it. Throughout this project H&P has demonstrated their commitment to setting higher standards for themselves and their field operations. At the conclusion of this project the most striking impression is their dedication to building stronger and broader teams. They value learning and setting goals for their organization; believing that they cannot change what they do not measure, they actively monitor their behaviors, actions, and the leading indicators that drive their HSE culture and performance. Most compelling is what motivates their commitment and dedication; the recognition that they have not arrived where they want to be, yet knowing they have the capacity and vision to chart the route for getting there. Going forward, the organizational strengths illustrated in the accompanying report position H&P to be an effective collaborator for future HSE and performance initiatives within the ConocoPhillips San Juan Business Unit. Capitalizing on the achievements that COPC and H&P have realized in the San Juan Basin, and working in closer collaboration, together a lasting impact on the industry could be achieved.