Engage Management

Project Success Stories

The Right Way

by Scott Ratchinsky

Operations teams are working hard every day and have little time and patience for another initiative to help them improve. Another flavor-of-the-month approach does not work. What is needed is experienced coaching with a leadership toolkit to facilitate existing programs and help to shift focus towards ownership and action. The coach can introduce just the right selection of SMART tools needed to assist them on their journey to move from good to GREAT!

Our Toolbox

ENGAGE Management coaches have no agenda other than assisting the team to achieve their self-defined performance targets. SMART Solutions is practical, tested and effective. SMART Solutions is ENGAGE Management’s toolkit for leaders to recognize The Gap and refocus on desired metrics that produce tangible benefits. There are both soft and hard benefits. Soft benefits are desirable but difficult to quantify. Hard benefits are tangible – the financial impact can be calculated. We recommend you identify them all, yet ensure that your Value Proposition is based upon the most tangible results possible. By doing so, your business case will be both sound and persuasive.

SMART Solutions Toolkit

  • S Safety Leadership
    • STJ Drills / Hazard Hunts / JSA / Security / Observations / TRIR
  • M Measurement
    • Benchmark / KPI / Leading / Lagging / Best Composite Targets
  • A Action
    • Critical Path / Idea Implementation / KM / Focused Deliverables
  • R Reduce
    • NPT / Bottlenecks / Greenhouse / Redundancy
  • T Team
    • Workshops / Leadership Skills / Recognition