Engage Management

Project Success Stories

The Well Site Leader Program

by Scott Ratchinsky

Engage Management has completed a three-year project embedded within the ConocoPhillips San Juan Basin Implementation Team and several of its key contractors. The project at its peak entailed 5 two-man teams working at arms length within Aztec Well Service, H&P International Drilling, Drake Well Service, Bearcat Drilling, Triple S Trucking, Dawn Trucking as well as a two man team who worked within and in support of the ConocoPhillips Implementation Team. Engage Management's focus was on cultural and behavioral change as a part of a strategy to improve the overall safety performance of the ConocoPhillips San Juan Basin Implementation Team. The result of the collective effort of the Angelina Group, SJB COPC safety professionals and the SJB COPC senior management team is that the San Juan Implementation Team currently possesses the best safety record within the L48 as measured by the Total Recordable Incident Rate.

The following recommendations have come from observations by Engage Management as well as from interviews with some of the safety and management personnel within the Implementation Team.