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Project Success Stories

Success Story: The Unexpected - Zero Total Recordables (trir), Zero Lta

by Chris Hatton

Richard W. Wetherill identified the Law of behavior. One part of this was the Law of Absolute right which states: "right actions get right results, whereas wrong actions get wrong results." Drake Well Service has made great strides to produce right actions and get the right results.

Development, focus and implementation of just a few deliverables by Drake Well Service with the assistance of the Angelina group did not happen overnight. First and foremost, the development of trust had to be established. Time, patience, and professional respect were the most important aspects in assisting with ways to implement new programs. Ensuring open communication was a priority was the best form of establishing trust. Once trust was established; showing cause and effects of who, what, where, why and when created a "team ownership" of the new way forward causing a behavioral shift within the Drake Organization.

​Some of these right actions included the introduction of an Observation program called DOC (Drake Observation Cards). This program is currently being promoted and used as a tool to achieve safety focus by all members of the team. As the program matured, a reward system for personnel that increased quality with useful ideas and had the most participation was initiated. Other parts of the implementation affected structured responsibilities, site security, hazard identification and leadership / behavioral coaching. Drake Well Services has also moved towards application of electronic tools such as lap-top computers to obtain electronic data from sources such as OSHA, API. The company now has heightened awareness of all industry rules, laws and guidelines.

The result of all has helped develop operational process and guideline manuals which validate the direction and responsibility of the organization. The big success was to move a TRIR of 1.51 in 2006 to a remarkable and celebrated 0.0 TRIR & 0.0 LTA's to end 2007.

Greg Drake has stated: "We could have reached this goal on our own, but not in such a timely or positive fashion had it not been for the help of The Angelina Group."