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Developing Human Capital

by Scott Ratchinsky

This is a short version of an article I read recently. What I liked about it was the parallel to what we are about. It does support our philosophy of people first and does support our quest for results, though they are lagging.

Human Capital 

by Dayton Fandray -- July 2007

Ken Carrig, who currently serves as executive vice president and chief administration officer for Houston based Sysco Corp believes "the problem, unfortunately, is that most of us in business become shortsighted and want quick fixes," he explains, " And human capital practices really are not quick fix types of items. You may see higher retention and a better work climate (right away), but you may not see higher productivity resulting in actual metrics until six months down the road. And in financial metrics, they show up almost a year later." Dedicated employees require:

It's largely a matter of instilling in employees a genuine sense of ownership and commitment. The leadership team must provide a common understanding of its direction, spend time to ensure people have clear expectations, treat people with dignity and direction, allow for new ideas and monitor success.