Engage Management

Project Success Stories

Leadership Program

by Scott Ratchinsky

The ConocoPhillips Well Site Leader Program is currently up and running in the San Juan Basin. With the focus of the project firmly based on behavioral and cultural change the challenges continue to be many. Corporate buzz words such as communication, leadership, teamwork and value need to mature into actions of daily life.

During the initial contact stage of the program the Angelina Group's Project Management Team of Ken Hovland and Dennis Lynch have developed relationships with the over 60 members of the ConocoPhillips Implementation Management Team. The challenges of this critical goal continue to be accomplished through daily personal meetings with Well Site Leaders, participation in pre-tour, JHA and safety meetings, a supervisor ride along program and facilitating informational turnover meetings with our client every two weeks.

As the program develops, Ken and Dennis are faced with the challenge of continuous evaluation and adjustment. Each Well Site Leader, Supervisor and Manager brings a different level of commitment, understanding and implementation to the program. Based on these levels and the individual leadership role of the team member, coaching strategies are developed that may include one on one mentoring or group leadership involvement.

To maximize the sustainability of the Well Site Leader Program it is critical that all participants understand that the most valuable asset ConocoPhillips has is their employees. To have open and honest communication amongst the ConocoPhillips Management Team is critical for success. This can only be achieved through personal and professional relationships built on a foundation of trust and respect.

One major challenge that Ken and Dennis will continue to address involves the continuous improvement of the program. The need to cultivate active participation by all ConocoPhillips employees, consultants and third party contractors remains essential. To address this issue they will expand the relationship building process. This goal is being achieved through personal contact, knowledge sharing and clarification of leadership roles.

Change can be difficult. Many years of established behavior in the Oil and Gas Industry does not change overnight. Behavioral and cultural change requires understanding, patience, time and a desire by all involved to make the necessary adjustments. The Angelina Group's Well Site Leader Team is committed to insure that the ConocoPhillips desire to be a leader in their industry is fulfilled with a "People First" attitude.