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Rig Mobilization

Rig Mobilization

As onshore drilling operations continue to expand both here in the US and abroad, both safety and performance lead conversations in operations meetings. Concerns with regard to the flat time associated with rig mobilization are held paramount by successful operators because these mobilization operations are costly, hazardous, and problematic to manage. Developing a robust HSE reporting system is crucial to MOB operations because of the huge amount of third party interaction. Engage will lead this process through JSA coordination, HSE documentation training, and leadership coaching with all levels of those involved.

Our Rig (Optimization) Mobilization Teams work with vendors and drilling crews to get you back on bottom. The process starts by developing a formalized bid package for each rig’s required equipment to allow for better cost tracking. Once all vendors are under contract our teams work with well site leaders and engineers to identify a custom critical path for each rig. This process includes:

This data is tracked during every rig mobilization to analyze the process and to reduce nonproductive time. Custom reports and metrics are generated after each move and shared with the management team, rig crews and third parties to show what was performed efficiently and where further improvements need to be made. These custom design metrics are rig specific and can be used for formal training of the mobilization crews and to refine the critical path of the rig move.

The Engage Management Mobilization Team is comprised of former rig managers, engineers, financial analysts, HSE specialists, crane operators, and truck drivers to assist your team with the mobilization planning and tracking. During mobilization operations your EM consultants are the onsite leads to ensure all efforts are going to plan and capture learnings in real time. All activities, as identified from your way points, are evaluated by the team to see where improvements can be realized and value proposition can be increased. We serve as a direct conduit from the drilling engineer down to the swampers to ensure the critical path is understood and followed. In addition, during mobilization activities, the teams develop and facilitate custom pre job briefings that are focused on closing the gaps in the operations. The strength of a well carried out JSA meeting can never be under estimated. Our teams are dedicated to lessening cost while increasing efficiency during your rig mobilizations.

“Slow is smooth and Smooth is Fast”
Joe Johnson- “VP Worldwide Drilling Operations” Newfield Exploration

“I would recommend EM to any operator that wants to bring a structure that will save time and money during rig mobilizations.”
Jason Jensen- “General Manager” JD Field Services