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Performance Learning

Every organization has their unique performance, safety and learning opportunities. This three-legged stool needs a balanced approach, where the work team gains ownership of their plan forward and maintains the line of sight of the leadership team.

It is also understood that it is difficult to directly focus on productivity, cost, safety/environmental incidents, employee satisfaction, or any of the other key success factors without letting go of day-to-day commitments. There is a need to find the answer to 'What is my focus?'

ENGAGE assesses and designs the one-of-a-kind solution that will work for your unique organization. Our seasoned, people-oriented consultants will help your organization shift their behavior towards improvement and leading the charge of change.

The Gap

A large financial opportunity, typically up to 30% of AFEs, is available to operators by focusing on removable time.

Removable time (RT) is a combination of NPT (non-productive time) and NOPT (non-optimal productive time). NPT typically runs at 10% - 20% of AFE with NOPT being about the same, averaging about 15%.

Identifying a significant opportunity to create a Value Proposition in well construction (drilling and completions)

The Value Proposition

Value can be fundamentally defined as benefit/cost. The human factor in operations is often synonymous with productivity improvement or performance improvement. By any measure it is the tangible outcome of the value producing effort, which the team is able to realize.


The Value Proposition is the motivation for the organization to align their thinking and support the desired change. If the tangible results are substantially greater than costs to acheive them then their is a powerful incentive for leaders to embrace change.

Closing the GAP – The Size of the Prize

There can be a substantial GAP between your operations average and best performance. This GAP can be as large as 40% of total time and cost. There are many reasons for the GAP. Our goal is to assist your teams to understand where the problems exists, be creative in testing solutions, and track improvement with the correct metrics ensuring that they own the outcome. We’ve got the Toolkit to make it work.

X Removable Time (RT)
RT can be most readily identified by the operations team, in the flat time areas of the drilling curve as they become aware of the size of the prize. Ensuring the team understands critical path, offline opportunities and improvement ideas will move a team from good to great.
X Non-Productive Time (NPT)
NPT can be avoided by reducing unplanned events through better ‘what-if’ planning and mitigating risks by incorporating ready-made contingency plans.
X Non-Optimal Productive Time (NOPT)
NOPT can be reduced through better understanding of the D&C plan, soliciting the team’s ideas and industry best practices thereby challenging D&C daily operations that use outdated methods and technology. Understanding your best composite well and driving the ownership of success all the way to the drill floor is crucial.